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Kendrick Lamar Drops Diss Track "Euphoria"

Kendrick Lamar Diss Track: “Euphoria” Takes Aim at Drake

Kung Fu Kenny Unleashes Fury: Kendrick Lamar Drops Diss Track “Euphoria” Aimed at Drake (Audio)

The gloves are off! After months of simmering tension, Kendrick Lamar has finally responded to Drake’s recent disses with a blistering diss track titled “Euphoria.” This surprise drop, igniting the hip-hop world, has fans buzzing.

Kendrick Goes In

Over a soulful Cardo beat, Kendrick wastes no time launching into Drake. He mercilessly attacks Drake’s character, calling him a “scam artist” and a “master manipulator.” Furthermore, he accuses Drake of inauthenticity and questions his legacy.

No Holds Barred

The Compton rapper doesn’t hold back, referencing Drake’s past controversies. In particular, he takes aim at Drake’s loss to Pusha T in their diss battle, his entanglement with rapper Meek Mill, and the recent controversy surrounding Drake’s use of AI-generated verses imitating Tupac Shakur.

AI Diss?

In a particularly scathing line, Kendrick mocks Drake’s “Taylor Made Freestyle” where Drake used AI to create verses in the voices of Tupac and Snoop Dogg. This is a clear shot, raising the question of the ethics of using artificial intelligence in music creation.

The Beef Reignites

This diss track marks a significant escalation in the longstanding feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Dating back nearly a decade, the roots of this rivalry go back to both rappers trading subtle barbs for years. Things came to a head in March when Kendrick seemingly dissed Drake and J. Cole on Future and Metro Boomin’s track “Like That.”

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What’s Next?

With “Euphoria,” Kendrick has thrown down the gauntlet. It will be fascinating to see how Drake responds. Will he counter with another diss track, or will he take a different approach? One thing’s for sure: hip-hop fans are in for a treat as this rap battle unfolds.

Stay tuned for further updates and analysis of this epic hip-hop feud!

  • Who do you think won this round, Kendrick or Drake?
  • What do you think Drake’s response will be?
  • Where do you see this feud going?

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