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Smif-N-Wessun, also known as Cocoa Brovaz and Tek-N-Steele

Brooklyn Rappers Discuss Boot Camp Click: Exclusive Interview

Brooklyn’s Finest: Tek and Steele Break Down Boot Camp Click’s Legacy with WAF (We Are Flatbush)

Brooklyn’s own rap veterans discuss Boot Camp Click, Tek and Steele, reunite to reminisce about their groundbreaking group, Boot Camp Click. Hailing from opposite sides of the borough, a chance encounter fueled by their love for hip-hop brought them together.

While their teenage years were tough, music offered a common ground. Boot Camp Click wasn’t a formal group at first; it began organically as Brooklyn rappers honing their craft together. Brooklyn Rappers Discuss Boot Camp Click.

Buckshot, another Brooklyn rap legend, became a game-changer. Recognizing their talent, Buckshot united them and secured a record deal. Boot Camp Click transformed into a family built on loyalty and mutual respect.

The interview takes a somber turn as they discuss the loss of their friend and fellow member, Sean Price. His absence leaves a void, but his lyrical genius remains etched in Brooklyn hip-hop history.

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Brooklyn Rappers Discuss Boot Camp Click

The conversation then tackles a controversial topic: their collaboration with Pop Smoke, a rapper from a rival Brooklyn faction. Tek and Steele stand firm on their belief that hip-hop thrives on unity, not perpetuating divisions. They reject the idea of taking sides in fabricated rivalries.

This interview delves into the heart of Boot Camp Click’s impact on Brooklyn’s rap scene. It’s a story of friendship forged on the streets, the unifying power of music, and the enduring legacy of these Brooklyn-born lyricists.

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